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ove the guard back upon the main body. Clements, Woot Hill, Hamlet and Hiram Guess had their horses killed and were left afoot in the night to shift for themselves. Walking to the Missouri River, ten miles distan

-five mili
tiamen on the march and was ta
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t, and fashioning a rude raft from the logs and withes, Hamlet crossed to Jackson County and made his way safe into the camp of

king breakfast at a house in C
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Todd. While with Anderson John Coger was wounded again in the right leg. Suffering from this wound and with another one in th

arroll County when thirty-ei
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e left shoulder, he had been carried189 by his comrades to a house close to Big Creek, in Cass County, and when it was n

ght Federals fired upon him th
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ight, and by no road that was generally traveled. Coger, without a wound of some kind or in some portion of his body, would ha

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ve appeared as unaccountable to the Guerrillas as a revolver without a mai

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nspring. At the end of every battle some one reckless fighter asked of another: “Of cour

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se, John can’t be killed,

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but where is he hit this time?” And Coger, himself, no matter how often or how badly

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hurt, scarcely ever waited for a old wound to get well before he was in the front again looking for a new one. He lived for fifty

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years after the battle, carrying thirteen bullet wounds. The wonderful nerve of the man saved him many times during the war in open and

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desperate conflicts, but never when the outlook was so unpromising as it was now, with the cha

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Pellentesque aliquam in risus eu ultrices. Suspendisse id interdum nibh. Etiam vel mattis augue, a vestibulum arcu. Nam rutrum diam dolor, eu vehicula nisl tincidunt non. Fusce tincidunt id justo eu tempor. Phasellus sit amet ante lobortis, mattis sapien id, dictum ipsum.
e hundred and fifty Federal cavalrymen found Andersons’ trail, foll
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